Linx International Group becomes a SABRE Licensed Company

As part of our commitment to improve our standards and services, we’re proud to announce that the Linx International Group has now become a SABRE licensed company! Along with our industry-leading training and global consultancy offering we are now providing SABRE certified security assessment and certification for buildings, infrastructure and managed space. So what does this mean for you?

What is SABRE?

SABRE (Security Assurance by BRE) is a security assessment and certification standard for buildings, infrastructure and managed space. SABRE can be used by developers, owners, occupiers and planning authorities to set high standards of security risk management for the design and construction of new developments, and the operation of existing facilities.

In addition to SABRE assessments, Linx will provide a number of other SABRE services to support the assessment process, including:

  • Threat and Risk assessment
  • Security strategy
  • Security management planning

Successful assessments result in a SABRE Rating ranging from ‘Acceptable’ (1 star) to ‘Outstanding’ (5 stars). Certification can be used to demonstrate commitment to security, evidence value for money, attract security-minded tenants, and much more.

Our Managing Director of the Linx International Group Angus Darroch-Warren says: ‘We are excited at becoming a SABRE licensed company through BRE Global – it is an opportunity for the Linx International Group to support our clients in obtaining an industry recognised standard in security risk management for their built asset portfolio, whether new build or in-use. Attaining SABRE certification provides assurance and demonstrable evidence to stakeholders that there is a commitment to effective security risk management and meeting compliance and resilience targets.’

Speaking to Head of SABRE, Gareth Hulmes says: ‘We’re delighted to be able to add Linx International Group to the growing directory of SABRE Licensed Companies. SABRE focuses on an appropriate, proportionate and risk-based approach to security and helps to evidence that organisations involved in the design, construction and operation of buildings are committed to, and invested in, the security of our built environment.’ He continues: ‘SABRE Licence holders are at the forefront of the scheme and can provide a range of SABRE related services to their customers. This is a provision that sits well alongside the Group’s wider training and consultancy offering, and we look forward to working with Linx International on future projects where SABRE can bring added value to the client.’

The Linx International Group Ltd is a SABRE Licensed Company (ref: SLC-039) – contact our SABRE Registered Assessor and Professional to see how we can assist in achieving SABRE certification for your facility.

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